Overview of the SnapLogic Integration Cloud December Upgrade

We are excited to announce our next set of Designer features, new Snaps, and tool updates to the SnapLogic Integration Cloud. As part of our ongoing commitment to hear customer feedback and deliver features with the Agile methodology, we will be performing an update this week.

The complete list of features in this release and past releases can be found in the Release Notes, with highlights below.

Integration Tools and UX Improvements

  • Support for Importing and Exporting Pipelines
    Support has been added for the exporting and importing of pipelines. Now you can develop a pipeline in a test environment, then move it to production when ready.
  • Auto Suggest on New Pipelines
    You no longer need to save a pipeline in order for the suggest data to be available.
  • Support for URL-encoding Added to the Expression Language
    The global functions of encodeURIComponent and decodeURIComponent were added to the Expression Language to let you generate a proper query string for a URL from document data.

Improvements to Administration and Monitoring Capabilities

  • Ability to Monitor Scheduled/Triggered Tasks from Manager
    When reviewing the Pipeline Run History in SnapLogic Manager, you can click on the Runtime ID or Status of a pipeline to open that run within Designer. You can then view the Pipeline Run Log to see the run status or why a Snap failed.
  • Pipeline Runtime Stats Available in Tooltips
    While a pipeline is executing, insights into real-time stats are available in the tooltips of the individual Snaps.
  • Reset User Permissions
    A Reset button has been added to allow the org admin to reset a user’s permissions for an organization back to the original settings.

New Snaps to Address Your Integration Needs

Whether it?s support for Fixed Width file formats, the ability to query Google Analytics data, or creating subscriptions in Zuora, we?ve got you covered. See the complete list of new and updated Snaps.

Click here for complete List of Snaps.

Configuration for On-premises Snaplex and Proxies

SnapLogic Snaplex on premises is a service installed on an end user’s local machine that provides access to data both on premises behind a firewall and in the cloud. The Snaplex can be installed anywhere on the end user network that has access to the required data or on premises application.The documentation for On-premises Snaplex has been updated with information on configuring proxies.

Links to previous release notes

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