SnapLogic Fast Data Loader is now on AWS Marketplace

June 28, 2022
Fast Data Loader on AWS Marketplace

Snaplogic is excited to announce yet another advancement in our partnership with AWS.  The SnapLogic Fast Data Loader is now available on AWS Marketplace! With this offering, you can take full advantage of the SnapLogic Fast Data Loader to quickly load data from Salesforce, Oracle SQL Server, S3, Google Sheets and other common data sources to popular endpoints like Redshift and Snowflake with easy access, simplified pricing and streamlined billing all through AWS Marketplace.

More on SnapLogic’s Fast Data Loader

The SnapLogic Fast Data Loader is an easy-to-use, no-code data integration tool providing pre-built pipelines that quickly move data from some of the most common cloud-based data sources to popular cloud data warehouses like Redshift, Snowflake and SAP DWC, so you can enable more individuals across your organization to have access to the data they need, when and where they need it most. Whether you are a seasoned IT professional or a tech-savvy Business Analyst, you can quickly connect and load data into a cloud data warehouse for quicker insights and more informed business decisions that drive the success of the organization. Built on SnapLogic’s proven cloud-based architecture, the SnapLogic Fast Data Loader is capable of loading extreme data volumes while our straightforward pricing delivers the utmost value. No coding, no delays, no limits.

Whether you are a small business or an established enterprise, our upfront pricing offers something for every organization. You can choose from two month-to-month, consumption-based plans starting at just $150 per month with no commitments. Or choose our annual subscription plan offering unlimited data for a predictable fixed cost.  Review our pricing below and visit the Fast Data Loader website for more information.

Fast Data Loader plan pricing

All plans include:

  • Single-user licensing
  • SnapLogic’s proven Fast Data Loader architecture
  • No cap on monthly data movement
  • Unlimited pipelines
  • SnapLogic Community Support

A Partnership Built on More Than Just a Marketplace

SnapLogic is recognized as an Advanced Technology Partner with AWS Data and Analytics Competency, and Amazon Redshift Service Ready status, within the AWS Partner Network (APN). We also hold the AWS ISV Accelerate designation which positions SnapLogic in the top 1% of the AWS partner ecosystem.

We continue to be deeply engaged with AWS to co-develop horizontally- and vertically-aligned solutions to help customers gain a competitive advantage and achieve rapid time-to-market in their respective business environments by optimizing the operational efficiencies gained by today’s modern cloud strategy.

The SnapLogic Fast Data loader on AWS Marketplace is a natural fit for everyone. By purchasing SnapLogic through the AWS Marketplace, our customers can simplify the process of acquiring and deploying the Fast Data Loader solution while also enjoying the benefits of applying their purchases to their precommitted spend agreements and have a monthly consolidated view of their AWS spend.

Solutions That Drive Your Business

The SnapLogic Fast Data Loader on AWS Marketplace is designed to provide the solutions your organization needs to quickly integrate data into your chosen cloud data warehouse. Whether loading data to Amazon Redshift or Snowflake, SnapLogic Fast Data Loader gives you flexibility, scalability and affordability.

Salesforce CRM has become a necessity in a modern application stack for many organizations.  The SnapLogic Fast Data Loader makes it easy for any persona, whether tech-savvy or business-savvy, to quickly extract data from Salesforce and load into a Redshift or Snowflake cloud data warehouse. With capabilities that allow full data refreshes or SCD2 updates, the Fast Data Loader on AWS Marketplace simplifies the complexities of data integration through managed, pre-built pipelines.

As organizations evolve their data estate to a modern infrastructure, the proliferation of multiple data sources and targets in the cloud can negatively impact the ability of the business to remain agile.  Requiring multiple tools to handle data replication, transformation and routing to varied cloud data warehouse destinations can increase costs with multiple tools, personnel and skills being required.  The flexibility of SnapLogic’s Fast Data Loader to address multiple sources and destinations with a single, simplified approach can mitigate these risks, at a lower total cost of ownership with a faster time to value.

Unlock Faster Data Loading

Why use Fast Data Loader infographic

The SnapLogic Fast Data Loader eliminates the pain many organizations are facing as their data volumes continue to grow in the cloud – the higher costs associated with high volumes. SnapLogic has uniquely positioned the Fast Data Loader to deliver the highest volumes of data at the utmost value with simplified delivery, transparent pricing and streamlined billing, all through AWS Marketplace. Now, anyone can access Fast Data Loader on the AWS Marketplace and unlock faster data loading.

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