SnapLogic for EC2 now available…

I’m happy to announce that we just release an updated version of SnapLogic for EC2.

Just like that, we’re a Cloud Computing Company. Seems like everyone, everywhere is a Cloud Computing Company. Heck, even The Onion knows this.

But seriously, this is a natural step for us. From the ground up, SnapLogic was built with the web in mind so making it available for use on Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) was a natural choice. AWS users are forward thinking and want to use the power of the web for everything they do. SnapLogic is attracting these kinds of users because everthing they’re doing to build scalable, reliable, secure web applications applies equally to their integrations with SnapLogic. Our re-usable RESTful components, web-friendly protocols and browser-based IDE fit perfectly with their PaaS and SaaS strategies.

So just as they look to hosted alternatives for applications, they’re increasingly looking for hosted alternatives for their platforms and infrastructure. SnapLogic for AWS is a perfect fit.

Category: Product

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