SnapLogic Solution Packs for SaaS Applications….

Since we released SnapLogic v2.0 back in April, one of the most common use cases has been to integrate enterprise data with hosted applications. When you think about it, it makes sense: SnapLogic uses standard web techniques to get data in and out of applications, so when one of the applications is on the web, it’s a perfect fit. You can deploy SnapLogic inside the firewall to easily reach out and fetch data from hosted applications and integrate them without any of the complexity traditional application integration.

The browser-based Designer supports a simple graphical drag and drop design capability that let users integrate their applications with out any complex programming, which is great match with the skills in organizations that frequently subscribe to SaaS offerings.

This week we announced another SaaS Solution Pack. This one is for The Solution Pack makes it even easier to get data in and out of because SnapLogic resources are pre-configured to access’s SOAP interface so the user doesn’t have to know anything about the API. They can directly access and manipulate the Salesforce Object they are familiar with: Accounts, Contact, Opportunities, etc.

A few weeks back at OSCON we announced our Solution Pack for SugarCRM which provides the same capabilities for SugarCRM.

If you used either of these CRM solutions and need to integrate them with you other application you should take a look and see how it might help. You can read more about them here and here.

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