Strategic Thinking: SnapLogic Integration Cloud Addresses ?Integrator?s Dilemma?

Jeffrey M. Kaplan, Managing Director at THINKstrategies, Inc, a strategic consultancy, published a two-page profile of the SnapLogic Integration Cloud and our Winter 2014 release. According to Jeff:

?The new world of Cloud, Social, Mobile and Big Data applications has created a fresh set of requirements that demand a new generation of more elastic integration solutions that span a variety of endpoints, data types, data sizes, and location.?

And he had this to say about the SnapLogic Integration Cloud:

?The SnapLogic Integration Cloud offers a new approach to more easily and economically address the Integrator?s Dilemma, where these escalating application and data integration requirements are addressed in a scalable and flexible fashion using a single integration platform.?

THINKstrategies Read the full profile here.

And if you’re in the Bay Area, check out the upcoming Cloud Channel Summit, hosted by THINKstrategies.

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