Survey Says: Surprising Stats on Cloud Integration

Last week, SnapLogic customer Steven Mandelbaum, Managing Director of The Advisory Board Company, shared how he put SnapLogic at the center of his cloud integration architecture during a webcast for InformationWeek. You can check out the recording to hear how Steven ran his evaluation of a modern integration platform, and why he selected SnapLogic.

During the live event, Michael Biddick, host and contributing editor of InformationWeek polled the 265 attendees on current trends around cloud integration. Michael and the panel speakers expressed some surprise to a few of the responses. Here’s a look at what we found:

  • You Probably Don’t Know Everything You’re Using: Almost a third – 27% – of respondents said they were unsure how many SaaS or web-based applications are in use in their organization today! SaaS applications are being adopted by organizations so quickly, even the central IT team isn’t always in the loop. Chances are, those of you who think you know, probably don’t know each and every app that your users are using. Just look at the slew of cloud-based BI, ERP, CRM and social media apps geared at today’s enterprise users. Line-of-business leads can make application purchases without leveraging IT these days. And you know they’ll want these applications to pull data from other on-premise or SaaS apps and services sooner rather than later.
  • You Probably Have At Least Three SaaS Apps: More than 40% of respondents tallied at least three SaaS applications in their companies today (these are the ones they know about, see previous bullet point). Another thirty percent said they had over four SaaS apps in their stable. This is in addition to those core applications and data residing in on-site data centers. This presents a connection challenge that most organizations aren’t used to or ready for. Our group agreed that a point-to-point strategy for connecting all these applications isn’t going to fit the bill. Unless, of course, you really WANTED to hand-code all those integrations?
  • Agility is By Far the Biggest Driver for Cloud Integration: More than half of respondents’ 52.8%? said that they needed to be able to quickly adapt and scale their business, and this was a primary reason for pursuing cloud integration over traditional hard-coded solutions. As new data types and SaaS applications become available we see SaaS silos spring up, exacerbating the difficulties of moving information between systems, gaining insight and acting on this data. No surprise to us here, but companies are looking toward cloud integration platforms (some say iPaaS, we say SnapServer ) that can help them easily connect these apps and services.
  • You’ve Got Your Eye On Social Media: In another intriguing, but perhaps unsurprising, result: Almost 20% of respondents plan on integrating social media apps within the next 6-12 months. Social media ranked almost as high as other key functions like eCommerce and CRM. This certainly supports what we’ve seen with SnapLogic customers – leading organizations are hungry to tap the deluge of data available from social media sources and apply it to better understanding their customers. Legacy applications were also cited as a primary focus for integration, reminding us that cloud integration can’t reside only in the cloud – it has to come down to Earth, too.
  • What do you think? Does any of this sound familiar to your business? What are your plans for integration this year? Let us know what you think!

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