Tableau Conference 2013 – A SnapLogic Perspective

Customers make companies, period! If that is regarded as a credible leading indicator, I think Tableau has a great growth trajectory ahead of itself. From my standpoint, here are a few takeaways and observations.

Free Cloud Data Joiner
We, at SnapLogic, contributed in our own way by announcing a free cloud data joiner utility that is a major pain point for most Tableau users. This utility allows customers to visually join CSV files and directly create a TDE file, which is consumable both by Tableau Desktop and Tableau Online. This tool was announced during my session, which was also very well attended (slides available here). SnapLogic’s Elastic Integration got a lot of the attendees thinking about their integration problems in a new way. It didn’t take long for them to figure out that they no longer need to choose between an ETL or an Application Integration tool, but one Elastic Integration tool can handle ALL of their integration needs.

User Enthusiasm
Kudos to the Tableau team for making the event all about the customer. The passion of Tableau users was palpable throughout the event. In my opinion, this is also a sign of times to come for enterprise software, where products are getting increasingly consumerized, easy to use and even sexy. The more consumerized the product, the more intuitive and productive it is. Come check out SnapLogic’s highly productive tools by attending one of our highly interactive semi-monthly Tech Talk.

Tableau Online
Customers seem to like the flexibility of being able to collaborate with their peers and partners using Tableau Online. They also look at it as a low-cost entry point option for trying Tableau. This is clearly a huge growth opportunity for Tableau, whose roots are in the on-premise world.

Change of Guard
Several customers and partners are noticing the emergence of a new trio for the world of visualization and analytics. The old guard of Informatica (for data integration), Business Objects (now SAP, for visualization), and SAS (for predictive analytics) is now being replaced the new guard that consists of SnapLogic (for data integration), Tableau (for visualization), and Alteryx (for predictive analytics). There are several ways the new guard is outdoing the old guard:
consumerization of the user experience that speeds up solution development
a consistent way of accessing data whether residing in the cloud or on-premise, and
an affordable and low-risk subscription-based pricing.

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Lastly, kudos to the Tableau team for executing on a near flawless event. The food was great, the meal time rushes were managed very efficiently, and the conversations were completely geared towards their user base. Keep up the good work, Team Tableau! We look forward to seeing you in Seattle next year!


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