The Integrator’s Dilemma at Gartner AADI

Last week the SnapLogic team attended Gartner’s Application, Architecture, Development and Integration Summit in Las Vegas. It was a great conference with record attendance. Not surprisingly, the focus of the conference was the impact of “The Nexus of Forces” (aka SMACT – Social, Mobile, Analytics (Big Data), Cloud and the Internet of Things) on application development and integration. There was general recognition that we live in a hybrid world, which requires a re-thinking of all aspects of application and data integration. My colleague Maneesh Joshi was blogging from the show floor:

He also delivered a 30 minute presentation on the topic of Integrator’s Dilemma. I’ve embedded the presentation below:

Here are some of the Gartner AADI social highlights (from the hashtag #GartnerAADI. My favorite quote was actually from the lone data-centric Gartner analyst at the conference, Ted Friedman. Once all of the other analysts had provided their priorities for 2014, Ted commented, “It’s great to be API First or Cloud First or Mobile First….just don’t be Data Last.”
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