The Last Mile of Data Integration…

We’re back from AJAXworld and it was great to talk to so many AJAX developers and application development solution providers. The conference was just after we announced our efforts to team up with SitePen and others to develop an enhanced dojo grid widget so even though many attendees had not heard about SnapLogic, everyone there knew about Dojo.

One of the most frequently asked questions was: What are you guys doing at an AJAX developers conference??

The answer is actually pretty obvious (to us at least):AJAX applications are very often just another form of the Last Mile of data integration.

It’s generally known that the integrations that developers spent most of their time on donâ??t fit within the confines of an ETL, EAI, or EII solution. This is because they are often part of ad hoc process that require integrating data with a wide variety of endpoints including files, spreadsheets, reports, public websites, hosted applications, web services and the like. Developers are left to fend for themselves building fragile, expensive hand-coded programs for the â??last mileâ?? to these endpoints.

This is vividly demonstrated with the growing popularity of website mashups. Gregor Hohpe recently identified the Mashup as EAI 2.0 simply by recognizing that the integration is taking place in the browser. The browser isn’t just part of the Last Mile, itâ??s the finish line!

Since SnapLogic makes building, managing and maintaining these Last Mile integrations easier through it’s web savvy, modular approach to integration design and reuse, AJAX applications, mashups and other Rich Information Applications are a natural fit.

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