The SnapLogic SnapStore

Yesterday, we announced the launch of the SnapLogic SnapStore as a private developer beta, so this is a good opportunity for me to discuss some of the big things we have been working on at SnapLogic.

SnapLogic was founded on the premise that the data integration market was in flux. Although the data integration problem has it roots in the mainframe to client-server migration of the 1990’s, and the rise of client server computing that followed, the integration landscape has changed substantially since then.

The single biggest change has been driven by the rise of business internet usage. Over that past 10 years, we have seen a buildout of new applications based on web technology. SaaS, social media, and the web in general have all resulted in an endless combination of applications and data sources.

The rise of the business internet has transformed data integration into a long tail problem – a problem that no single vendor can hope to address. The SnapStore addresses that long tail problem, by enabling a wealth of developers to contribute integration solutions.

Everyone who deals with data integration know that the bulk of todays integration logic is custom coded. There are tools that cover the most popular systems and interfaces, but that is just the top of the iceberg. The business economics for enterprise vendors don’t justify support for all the possible endpoints and scenarios. So custom code becomes the solution for all the speciaiized edge cases, and we end up with an integration market where about 20% of the spend goes to vendors, and 80% is custom development and consulting.

SnapStore combined with our DataFlow architecture addresses the problem from a different perspective – the realization that the only way to solve the problem is embrace the long tail as a fundamental characteristic of the problem.

The SnapLogic platform handles all the core functions related to Data Flow – creating, managing, executing, and sharing integration logic. The open API’s and interfaces allow anyone to extend the platform with additional components and integration logic, providing everything needed for custom integration scenarios.

The SnapStore provides a for developers to package and resell their integration expertise. That might be in the form of components extending the core SnapLogic functionality, or more commonly, a combination of components and integration logic, packaged as a reusable solution.

We’re excited about the potential of the SnapStore. In the coming weeks as the private beta progresses, we will be working with the developer and vendor community to refine the store and the processes
around it.

If you are a developer interested in the SnapStore, there’s a sign-up form on the SnapStore page, where you an join the initial beta program.

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