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We just wrapped up a really interesting session on Twitter at The RedMonk Unconference, at Community One, led by James Governor and subtitled “My Name is James, and I’m a Twitter Addict.”

Following the theory that the best way to identify best practices, is to identify the bad practices, here’s the list of Twitter Anti-Patterns as determined by the group:

Twitter Anti-Patterns:

1. Tweeting 2 much
2. Overuse of Bots and machine generated content.
3. Poor ratio of URL’s to actual content.
4. URLs without context.
5. Not using #hash tags.
6. Binge Tweeting.
7. TUI – Friends Don’t Let Friends Tweet Drunk.
8. Not listening

How do you know your a twitter addict ?

1. Tweeting secretly.
2. People That Tweet Bad Stuff.
3. Can’t stop following others
4. Claim you’re ‘slightly addicted’, while following 17,0000 Twitterers (@Aglick35)

Twitter Tools to know about

summize – twitter search engine
eventtrack – for searching hash tags.
Twitter has special accounts, like rebroadcast for an event (reflection)

Companies using Twitter well:


Other General notes and comments:

Playing with Twitter is an interesting way to build community.
Make yourself valuable, and someone will follow you.
Listen to Twitter – hear whats new and up and coming.

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Topics: Best Practices

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