Web Guild Web 2.0 Conference….

I was on two panels at the Web Guild Web 2.0 Conference today in Santa Clara. Other then getting stuck in traffic for 3hrs coming home, it was a pretty good day.

I got to meet and talk to a lot of smart, interesting people; spend some time with my wife away from the kids; and learn a little about Open ID to boot.

The morning panel was on Building the Mashable Web with Dave Carrol from Salesforce.com and Kevin Hakman from TIBCO (and GI fame). I was pretty impressed with what Dave and Kevin showed. Its clear that Salesforce and TIBCO have put a lot of effort into their platforms.

We talked about the different mashup styles and what kinds of developers should be able to build mashups: Knowledge Workers, Enterprise Architects, LAMP guys, HTML/PHP programmers, etc. There didn’t seem to be any consensus.

The afternoon session was on Cloud Computing and since it was moderated by Matt Asay, and all three of the panelists were from Open Source Companies (SugarCRM and OpSource), it could have been a panel straight out of the OSBC.

We got into a really interesting discussion about the performance limitations of Cloud Computing, adoption inhibitors, economics, etc. It was a shame we only had 40 mins. There could have been and entire track on this…

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