We’ve been adjective-ified!!

We sat down with Cote and Stephen O’Grady of RedMonk the other day and talked about SnapLogic, Web2.0, Cloud Computing and some other interesting things. You can listen to it here.

Also noticed today that we’d been adjective-ified. It still might be a while before we’re a verb, like Google, but you’ve got to start somewhere….

From Cote’s post on Adobe’s Open Screen Project he says:

Very soon now, RIA vendors are going to be left with great UIs that donâ??t connect to any sort of back-end – theyâ??ll just have endless Google Maps and Salesforce integrations to point toâ?¦ Sun, and the greater Java world, on the other hand knows back-ends and middle-ware like nobodyâ??s business. If they can sugar-coat access to those back-ends with something SnapLogic-y, Sun will be in a good position to connect RIAs to enterprise systems that make a lot of money.

Kidding aside, I believe that getting secure mashable data is one of the biggest remaining hurdles to realize the full potential of RIAs within the Enterprise.

Category: SnapLogic
Topics: RIA

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