We’ve got a new website…

Beginning last May when we first released SnapLogic we put up a project site at www.snaplogic.org. There we had all the things developers were looking for when they downloaded the software: Source Code, documentation, bug tracker, roadmap, forums, etc.

Over time, we added lots of content that visitors were looking for but the site started to get confusing with whitepapers, bios, press releases, etc. scattered about the site.

About 2 months ago we realized that it was time to eliminate the confusion and focus the content at www.snaplogic.org toward developers and establish a more traditional .com presence. As part of that process, we decided it made sense to apply our new design to all of our sites including this blog as well as all the developer applications.

Today, after lots of hard work I’m happy to announce that www.snaplogic.com is now live. There you’ll find product and solution overviews, whitepapers, press releases, team bios and lots of other useful information on data integration for the Edge.

Our developer site at www.snaplogic.org has been completely re-organized to make it easier to use so you can quickly find exactly what you’re looking for.

Check them out.

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