What We Learn from the SnapStore: Hottest Snap Downloads

The great thing about having an online marketplace is that you learn a lot about what people are into. In our case, a quick glance through SnapStore downloads can shed light on our customers? integration needs as well as point to some bigger trends in enterprise software.

As we continue to build out the SnapStore with popular connections from a growing list of partners and developers, we thought we’d share some data on the most in-demand downloads from our pool of over 100 Snaps. Here’s a quick look at what we saw during the first half of 2011:

5 Most Downloaded Snaps

1.    Twitter

2.    Box.net

3.    GoodData

4.    SugarCRM

5.    Google Apps

Top 4 Popular Downloaded Snap Categories

1.    Social Media

2.    File Sharing/Collaboration

3.    Customer/Marketing Tools

4.    Business Intelligence

Not surprisingly, social media, business intelligence and collaboration tools top the list. Our survey on companies? top app connection priorities also showed very similar trends this year. Most businesses realize that these tools can provide valuable insight for sales & marketing strategies, customer retention and aid in better overall business decision-making and they’re desperately seeking an efficient way to get this data flowing throughout their organization.

Honorable Mentions

We also saw some Snap downloads that, while they don’t make our “Top” list, are worth calling attention to, simply because they show just how easy it is to get creative with your application connections once you get started using our Snaps:

  • Kiva: Kiva, as most know, is a popular online lending institution. We saw a number of downloads for this Snap which enables corporations or micro-finance institutions browse lender data.
  • Yelp: Businesses are using this Snap to search Yelp for business reviews using the Yelp API.
  • Google Geocode: Another one of our free Snaps that deserves an honorable mention. We’ve seen a handful of customers leverage this connection to integrate and analyze geo-location info from all kinds of sources, in particular GIS systems.

Keep an eye out for more honorable mentions and regular download rankings from the SnapStore throughout the year as we stay on top of the latest application connection trends!

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