What You Need to Know About Modern Data Integration

dave_linthicumLast week we hosted a webinar with industry analyst, thought leader and author David Linthicum that focused how the enterprise problem domains are changing and how data integration technology must change with it. The presentation boiled this down to 5 critical and lesser known data integration requirements, how to understand them, and how to pick the right approaches and technology to solve the problems.

According to David, the 5 most critical things to understand about modern data integration are:

  1. Workloads and data are likely to be distributed across traditional systems, private clouds, and public clouds.
  2. Data is growing quickly, with big data and data lakes common within most enterprises.
  3. Data must be delivered in real-time, on-demand, in support of most modern applications and business processes.
  4. Security is now systemic, it can no longer be an after thought.
  5. DevOps is the new standard for building and deploying applications and data store.

The rest of the discussion zeroed in on each of these requirements with specific examples and recommendations. I’ve embedded the slides below and you can tune into the recording here to hear an interesting Q&A about microservices and other changes in today’s application and data management infrastructure. The key takeaway’s for CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, enterprise architects and responsible for driving digital transformations in the enterprise are:

3 Must Dos:

  1. Understand that your IT solutions are changing, and that data integration must adapt.
  2. Understand that IT is becoming distributed and federated, and thus you need to support the departments, as well as centralized IT.
  3. Invest in data integration with the understanding that it will drive business value.

3 Things You Must Not Do:

  1. Don’t forget about security and governance, they need to be systemic.
  2. Don’t under invest in data integration, it’s strategic technology.
  3. Don’t try to leverage your legacy data integration technology to solve modern problems, it just won’t work

Stay tuned for a whitepaper that will dive deeper into this topic. In the meantime, contact us to learn more about SnapLogic’s modern integration platform as a service (iPaaS).

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