WOA is SOA that works…..

I listened to Dana Gardners BriefingsDirect podcast on Web Oriented Architectures and Phil Wainwright made the comment that ‘WOA is the SOA that works’. It made me laugh.

There was complete agreement among the panelists.

It’s a great podcast and covers a lot of territory. I recommend listening to it if you have the chance.

One of the other panelists, Tony Baer, recently mentioned SnapLogic in a blog post on WOA. It’s nice to be considered on the leading edge of emerging techniques for Cloud Computing, PaaS, and WOA, but I’m going to avoid using any of these terms to describe what we do. They’re generally too broad and often too vague to communicate tangible benefits, and certainly don’t describe any of the specific problems addressed by SnapLogic.

Another interesting comment was that ‘WOA can help sell SOA’, (I forget which panelist said it) which I thought revealed a lot on many different levels. People still have to sell SOA. Ten years later, its still something whose benefits are still not obvious.

It reminded me of David Linthicum’s SOA podcasts that I used to listen to. It seemed that every one I listened to still mentioned the need to ‘sell SOA’ to the organization; about the distinction between ‘Technical SOA’ and ‘Business’ or ‘Operational SOA’ and all sorts of other inscrutable concepts. I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about most of these things, but I have to admit that I often was more confused after listening to them, than before.

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