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December 8, 2021
8:30am - 4:30pm PST

December 9, 2021
9am - 4:30pm GMT

Blueprint for the Data-Driven Enterprise

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Hear from Visionaries and Practitioners from Leading Companies

Keynote Speakers

Jim Lundy
Jim Lundy Founder and CEO
Jim Lundy Founder and CEO, Lead Analyst

Jim Lundy is the founder and CEO of Aragon Research. Jim also serves as the lead analyst for the digital workplace practice. Topics covered include: collaboration, communications, contact center, content management, content analytics, digital work hubs, corporate learning, and sales enablement. Jim has over 30 years of technology and management experience as a vendor, user, and analyst. Jim spent 12 years at Gartner, where he formed and led the collaboration and social software research team and also served as a lead analyst for enterprise content management (ECM) and corporate learning. Jim has extensive experience in product strategy, development, and go-to-market plans.

Betsy Burton
Betsy Burton Vice President of Research and Aragon Fellow
Betsy Burton Vice President of Research and Aragon Fellow

Vice President of Research and Aragon Fellow Betsy Burton joined Aragon Research in 2019. With over 30 years of experience, Betsy has worked with thousands of organizations in both the public and private sectors to help them with their technology-enabled business strategies, business architecture, digital business transformation, enterprise architecture, and business capability modeling.

Jeffrey Ma
Jeffrey Ma Kingpin of the famous MIT Blackjack Team
Jeffrey Ma Kingpin of the famous MIT Blackjack Team

Former Vice President of analytics and data science for Twitter, predictive analytics expert for ESPN, Kingpin of the famous MIT Blackjack Team, and Vice President of Microsoft for Startups - gained worldwide recognition as a member of the MIT blackjack team, which inspired the best-selling book, “Bringing Down the House” and the hit film, “21.” Since then, the in-demand business consultant and ESPN predictive analytics expert has founded four successful startups and sold them to the likes of Virgin, Yahoo! and most recently, Twitter. Jeffrey now serves as senior director of business insights and group project manager at Twitter, where he also manages the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning groups. From Sports Illustrated to Ford and McDonald's, leading global corporations seek Jeffrey’s insight on how to effectively understand and utilize technology as a competitive advantage. With an extraordinary real-life tale that illustrates the power of data, coupled with an entrepreneur’s business expertise, Jeffrey captivates audiences with fascinating insights, on topics including strategy, innovation and risk, to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and analytics—and how to understand, play and win the game.

Jamie Locks
Jamie Locks VP of Integration & Application Development
Jamie Locks VP of Integration & Application Development, Schneider Electric

Jamie Locks is the VP of Integration & Application Development at Schneider Electric. Jamie is part of the Schneider Digital team and is accountable for providing end to end strategy, capability, and delivery of integrations solutions across the organization. He has been leading global IT and business operations teams for over 25 years in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Meet the Speakers

Maria Pere-Perez
Maria Pere-Perez Director, Product (ISV) Partnerships
Maria Pere-Perez Director, Product (ISV) Partnerships, Databricks

With over 20 experience in the Tech Industry, Maria is a metrics-driven Alliance and Business Development executive. She works with technology (ISV) partners to build, market, and sell joint product solutions. Maria is currently Director for Product (ISV) partners at Databricks, the Data & AI company.

Bruce Sandell
Bruce Sandell Senior Solutions Engineer
Bruce Sandell Senior Solutions Engineer, Looker

Bruce Sandell is a Senior Solutions Engineer on the Alliances team at Looker, a part of Google Cloud, helping to ensure that Looker's Partner Ecosystem meets the demanding needs of their customers. Bruce has been working with databases and data warehouses for over 20 years and has spent the last eight years working with Big Data technologies. He's had roles in IT, Engineering, Consulting, Customer Support and Sales.

Brian Warwick
Brian Warwick Healthcare Product Lead
Brian Warwick Healthcare Product Lead, AWS

Brian Warwick is a Senior Partner Solutions Architect for Healthcare and Life Sciences at AWS. He has sixteen years of experience building enterprise solutions, and has worked alongside clinicians in both inpatient and outpatient settings to create technology solutions used in patient care. Brian works with global AWS Partners and healthcare organizations to help them achieve their business and clinical objectives on AWS. He also publishes AWS whitepapers and blogs, supports healthcare organizations with digital transformation, and is passionate about solving complex healthcare challenges by using the latest in AWS cloud computing services.

Simona Todoroska
Simona Todoroska Industry Solutions Manager & Partner
Simona Todoroska Industry Solutions Manager & Partner, ⋮IWConnect

As a Solution Architect, Simona Todoroska has years of hands-on experience in strategic and operational activities revolving around technology and business integration. Now as Industry Solutions Manager and Partner at ⋮IWConnect, she’s the bridge between every key point of complex EIA/SOA and ETL solutions - all while thriving in Amsterdam.

Brian Murphy
Brian Murphy VP of Data
Brian Murphy VP of Data, Aramark

Brian Murphy is the VP of Data at Aramark. He has 30-years of success driving accelerated change through data-driven digital transformation that lead to finding new opportunities, penetrating new markets, reducing costs, and increasing profits.

John Morton
John Morton Business Intelligence Developer
John Morton Business Intelligence Developer, Science Museum Group

John Morton is currently the Business Intelligence Developer for the Science Museum Group, a role which is all about bringing data together and allowing the organisation to exploit the value in it. His career includes previous roles working with records and data at Lambeth Palace and the Royal Opera House. In his spare time he serves on the committee of his local rail user group.

Jonathan Howes
Jonathan Howes Head of HRES Product Management
Jonathan Howes Head of HRES Product Management, Sony

Jonathan Howes is Head of HRES Product Management for Sony’s Global HR Operations. Owning the strategic roadmap and operational delivery for Sony’s global HR platforms, he obsesses with how to turn corporate vision into practical reality. A key focus for his organization is learning to continuously leverage innovations of cloud-based platforms to adapt and evolve new HR services. Balancing stability, usability and compliance while driving for ongoing innovation is an everyday challenge. Aligning the vision with a pragmatic strategic roadmap built on strong vendor partnerships is key.

Phil Maguire
Phil Maguire Application Manager
Phil Maguire Application Manager, ITV

Phil Maguire is an application manager for ITV, of which Salesforce is his primary focus as a platform. Much of his time at ITV has been leading digital transformation projects around Salesforce, where Snaplogic has a become a key platform in accelerating the delivery of these projects.

Tom Saunders
Tom Saunders Software Developer
Tom Saunders Software Developer, Science Museum Group

Tom Saunders is a Software Developer at the Science Museum Group. He is responsible for developing and maintaining a wide array of corporate systems, as well as system integrations for both in-house and externally hosted software applications. Much of his work is focussed on workflows and integrations of the group’s collection data.

Carmine Granucci
Carmine Granucci Assistant Director of Integration of IT
Carmine Granucci Assistant Director of Integration of IT, Boston University

Carmine has over 20 years working in Higher Education technology teams. He currently serves as the Assistant Director of Integration in Boston University’s Information Services and Technology, leading their Integration Services team and providing solutions for university-wide data and application integration. Over the past 5 years, the Integration Services team at BU has progressively grown their usage of the Snaplogic platform as they take on new projects and modernize legacy integrations.

Carrie Craig
Carrie Craig Director of Enterprise Business Systems
Carrie Craig Director of Enterprise Business Systems, WD-40

Carrie Craig is currently the Director of Enterprise Business Systems at WD-40 Company where she is responsible for the Enterprise Application Portfolio and leading a digital transformation initiative there. Her background is in Enterprises Resources Planning (ERP) systems and everything needed to support the ERP ego system. Prior to WD-40 Company, Carrie was the International Applications owner and Project Portfolio Leader at NuVasive.

Drew Ray
Drew Ray Lead Applications Architect
Drew Ray Lead Applications Architect, Wake Forest University

Drew Ray has over 25 years of experience in applications and data management and is currently the Lead Applications Architect at Wake Forest University

Gaurav Dhillon
Gaurav Dhillon CEO
Gaurav Dhillon CEO, SnapLogic

Gaurav Dhillon is the Chairman and CEO of SnapLogic. Dhillon is an experienced builder of technology companies that focus on ways to integrate data and applications for improved decision-making and better business outcomes. He was the co-founder and former CEO of Informatica guiding it through a successful IPO and global expansion to become a market leader.

Dayle Hall
Dayle Hall CMO
Dayle Hall CMO, SnapLogic

Dayle Hall is the CMO at SnapLogic, where he is responsible for developing the go to market model, brand strategy and marketing execution of the company. He has built and grown marketing functions in large and small technology companies including People.ai, Lithium (now Khoros), Aruba Networks, Cisco and Oracle.

Craig Stewart
Craig Stewart CTO
Craig Stewart CTO, SnapLogic

Craig Stewart is the CTO at SnapLogic, responsible for leading the company’s product strategy and launches, roadmap, and evangelism. Craig is an industry expert with experience guiding the evolution of data and application integration technologies. He has been a significant contributor to the technology development of major tech companies such as Oracle, Cognos, Sybase and more.

Michael Nixon
Michael Nixon VP of Product Marketing
Michael Nixon VP of Product Marketing, SnapLogic

With almost 20 years of marketing experience, Michael Nixon currently leads the SnapLogic product marketing team as their VP of Product Marketing. Prior to joining Snaplogic, Nixon was the Sr. Director of Product Marketing at the cloud data platform, Snowflake, as well as other large technology companies such as Sony and NES.

Mark Gibbs
Mark Gibbs VP of Product Management
Mark Gibbs VP of Product Management, SnapLogic

Mark Gibbs is the VP of Product Management. He has over 20 years of experience in data strategy, ETL/ELT, and analytics. In his career as a product management leader, he has worked with many Enterprises enabling them to create real business value through the use of data. This value is achieved through offering compelling products that enable them to either increase revenue by selling value-added services or reduce Operational Expense through increased efficiencies.

Karthik Bandi
Karthik Bandi VP Field Technical Operations
Karthik Bandi VP Field Technical Operations, SnapLogic




Wednesday, December 8

Virtual Expo Hall Open

Keynote: Gaurav Dhillon

Gaurav Dhillon, SnapLogic CEO, live streams to share his industry insights, outlook, and the impact of enterprise automation has had on data-driven companies from the executive perspective.

Keynote: The Vision of Enterprise Automation

Join Jim Lundy, Founder and Principal Analyst at Aragon Research, and Betsy Burton, Vice President of Research and Aragon Fellow, as they draw upon their experience working with leading companies and deliver strategic and practical insights on achieving automation and business transformation success across the enterprise.

Keynote: Innovations

With a focus on integration decentralization trends, join executive-level leaders as they share the latest SnapLogic technology product advances and future directions. Hear from leading companies deploying enterprise-wide intelligent integration and automation.


Integrator Track
Learn from product experts on key integration use cases and how you can get the most out of your SnapLogic investment.

Line of Business Track
Learn from leaders the business-critical solutions and outcomes achieved through SnapLogic.

Modernizing to gain a competitive edge at Wake Forest University

Companies typically have over 100 on-premises and cloud data sources, but old technologies usually have only a subset of connectors and cannot meet today’s business expectations. In this session, explore technical considerations and approaches Wake Forest University took to modernize their infrastructure to gain a competitive edge

Drew Ray, Lead Applications Architect, Wake Forest University
Mark Gibbs, VP of Product Management, SnapLogic

Boosting employee productivity through democratization of integrations

With a new way of work, tech-savvy employees are becoming more autonomous and self-sufficient, which help maximize their organization’s business revenue. In this session, you will learn how organizations can optimize employee experience and boost employee productivity through democratization of integrations at scale, all while safeguarding data and governance.

Speaker: Dhananjay Bapat, Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager, SnapLogic

Accelerating data access from 0 to 60 at Cooperative Benefits Group

From business analysts to executives, gaining access to data is critical for any organization. Automating data from disparate sources into a cloud data warehouse, such as Amazon Redshift, can provide a single source-of-truth. In this session, you will learn how CBG utilitzes SnapLogic to get a unified view of data through ETL/ELT, CI/CD, and bots.

Shaun M. Nieves, Cooperative Benefits Group
David Meleney, Product Manager, SnapLogic

Comoto Holdings gains complete data insights with Snowflake and SnapLogic

Data empowers organizations to transform and make data-driven business decisions. Those business decisions, however, are only as accurate as the data itself. In this session, you will learn how Comoto Holdings automates data delivery from multiple sources into its cloud data warehouse, Snowflake, to obtain complete data insights that propel their business forward.

Corey Hulse, Director of Data Engineering, Comoto Holdings
Winosky Jean, Data Engineer, Comoto Holdings
David Wilmer, Principal Product Marketing Manager, SnapLogic

Denny’s: Automating business processes for faster and better business results

Only organizations with rich intelligence on top of connected cross-enterprise apps, data, and systems can respond and thrive against increasing competition. In this session, explore how Denny’s streamlines business processes, such as automating and centralizing data into a unified view, to remove friction and empower the business to make faster and business decisions.

Harsh Desai, Enterprise Architect, Denny’s
Matt Mays, Senior Product Manager, SnapLogic

Delivering seamless employee experiences globally at Sony

Connected end-to-end systems break down data silos and enable employees access to information at their fingertips. Not only does data empower employees but also optimize their experience and satisfaction. In this session, you will learn how Sony standardized its HR business processes that support employees around the world using Workday and SnapLogic.

Jonathan Howes, Head of HRES Product Management, Sony
Diane Miller, Community Product Marketing Manager, SnapLogic

Boston University: Getting the most out of API Management

A thriving API ecosystem, enabling secure access to functionality and data, within and outside your organization, across systems, modern and legacy, are critical to advancing your digital transformation agenda. Learn how SnapLogic’s API Management solution enables Boston University to discover and consume APIs easily, improve developer productivity, and provide extensive traffic and access control.

Carmine Granucci, Assistant Director, Integration, Boston University
Sean Delano, Developer, Business Intelligence & Integration, Information Services & Technology, Boston University
Kamakshi Narayan, Senior Product Manager, SnapLogic

Digital Transformation: Unlocking the enterprise's growth potential at WD-40

Organizations that are quick to adapt can survive and thrive and gain a competitive edge over their peers. Legacy technologies can hold organizations back from changing business and operational processes, resulting in the need to modernize those technologies. In this session, discover how WD-40 has embarked on its digital transformation journey to accelerate business results by modernizing its ERP and CRM systems.

Carrie Craig, Director of Enterprise Business Applications, WD-40
Karen He, Principal Product Marketing Manager, SnapLogic


Demo & Best Practices Workshops
Led by the SnapLogic Team

Partner Sessions
Led by SnapLogic strategic partners

Ultra Pipelines: Real-Time Integration

SnapLogic Ultra enables high availability, high throughput, and 'Ultra' low latency with always-on mode for your mission-critical integrations. In this session, SnapLogic experts will help answer all questions from when to leverage SnapLogic Ultra Pipelines to a few useful tricks for building efficient Ultra pipelines.

Speaker: Gyanesh Kumar, Solutions Architect

Modernizing Your Data Integration and Analytics Stack with Looker and Snaplogic

A core tenet of digital transformation is the smarter use of data to drive greater business success. To get the most value out of data, companies need to deploy the latest data technologies and connect data to the people who use it- when and how they need it. Together Looker and SnapLogic bring modern BI analytics and fast cloud-based data integration solutions to modernize your business environment.

Speaker: Bruce Sandell, Senior Solutions Engineer, Looker

SnapLogic API Management: Managing APIs

SnapLogic API Management helps you build a rich digital ecosystem with end-to-end API lifecycle management. In this session, you will learn from SnapLogic experts how you can build APIs, manage their lifecycle, and manage how your users explore and consume them.

Speaker: Ohad Yehudai, Principal Solutions Engineer

Automated Seamless Migration from any Integration Tool to SnapLogic

Enterprises, regardless of their size, make constant efforts to speed up processes as a critical driver to their market delivery. Today, most of these enterprises strive to replace their outdated integration tools with a more efficient technology. Having that in mind, employing a semi-automated migration process to a new tool is a must-have asset made possible with our accelerators for automated migration projects to SnapLogic. In this session, we’ll discuss the key benefits of utilizing migration accelerators by explaining their architecture and our approach to the methodology of the migration process.

Speaker: Simona Todoroska, Industry Solutions Manager & Partner, ⋮IWConnect

SnapLogic Flows: How to Get Started

Business Users, SnapLogic Flows is for you! Learn how you can take back time and automate business processes easily, quickly, without writing a single line of code. Learn from SnapLogic experts about the new SnapLogic Flows interface and everything it has to offer!

Speaker: Francis McWilliams, Sr. Solutions Engineer

Healthcare in the Cloud, the value of AWS HealthLake to Power Analytics

Are you ready for what's next in healthcare technology? Amazon’s Healthlake enables healthcare providers, health insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies to securely store, transform, query, analyze, and share health data in the cloud at petabyte scale.

Speaker: Brian Warwick, Healthcare Product Lead, AWS

Top 5 Tech Considerations when Migrating Off of Legacy Integration Platforms

With legacy platforms such as PowerCenter threatening with end-of-life, the following question must be on top of your mind: How can we continue to serve the business effectively? In this session, you will learn about top technical considerations such as the type of mappings and custom code that will help you not just migrate off of legacy technologies quickly but also adopt cloud architecture effectively.

Speaker: Vishnu Thatikonda, Director of Professional Services

Building a Modern Databricks Lakehouse

Take full advantage of Delta Lake by leveraging the enhanced productivity and full range of data sources unlocked by SnapLogic. Scalable compute for ETL now requires native push-down technology that leverages the computing power of your data platform. But how do you modernize to a full ELT cloud architecture when all the assets are locked into legacy ETL tools? SnapLogic provides a path for facilitating code conversion from legacy transformation sets to modern ELT, which leverages native push-down compute to Delta Lake. SnapLogic’s extract, load, and transform approach provides the optimal way to build your Databricks Lakehouse. SnapLogic’s low code/no-code platform for data integration enables ingest and transformation with better ETL and ELT pushdown optimization for batch, streaming, and real-time app events.

Speaker: Maria Pere-Perez, Director, Product (ISV) Partnerships, Databricks


Customer Panel: How Automation has transformed the way of work

Hear how industry leaders from Sony, WD-40 and Aramark navigate through the new ways of work and empower employees to become more autonomous than ever before.

Enterprise Automation Awards

Join Dayle Hall, SnapLogic CMO, as he reveals winners of the inaugural SnapLogic Enterprise Automation Awards, recognizing companies and partners who have made significant contributions and outstanding achievements that moved their business forward, as nominated and voted upon by peers.

Closing Keynote: Jeffrey Ma

Join Jeffrey Ma, the MIT graduate and main character of the book Bringing Down the House and the film 21, as well as the author of The House Advantage: Playing the Odds to Win Big in Business will share his unique perspective on harnessing and leveraging data to create a unique competitive advantage.

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