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Up-to-date Demand Forecast with Automation

A successful business can answer the following questions well: How many units do we need of each SKU to meet the demand for the upcoming season? What are the recent and seasonal trends that we need to account for? Demand Forecasting can never be perfect due to numerous variables, but without it, the business can’t make the right decisions with respect to staffing, production, and marketing spend.

With the SnapLogic platform, you can get up-to-date demand forecast by getting historic data from an order management system into an analytical database, doing data transformations including filling missing values, analysis and calculating forecast, and then using that to update the target inventory in the inventory management system.

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Design an Automated Workflow for Finance and Accounting

Automate finance and accounting workflows from invoice processing to month-end/continuous close without writing code. 

Invoice Processing

Eliminate errors, reduce time and costs by automating accounts payable process

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Month End/Continous Close

Accelerate the month-end/continous close process by reducing manual reconciliation and automating reporting

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Inventory Management

Reduce costs and optimize fulfillment with automated inventory management 

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Expense Management

Manage expense reimbursement efficiently and get a unified view

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Building the Automated Enterprise

Learn how intelligent automation connects your enterprise and unlocks the power of your applications and data.

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