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Enable healthcare professionals to deliver better patient outcomes

Massive amounts of data power modern healthcare. By simplifying and integrating the secure exchange of data across the healthcare ecosystem, you can improve patient care and engagement, reduce costs, accelerate drug discovery, and develop new revenue streams.


Disconnected data

Legacy systems and siloed data inhibit innovation and growth.

Integration complexity

Time-consuming and costly integrations slow the ability to derive value from data.

Security and governance

Regulatory compliance and patient needs place heavier strain on healthcare resources to maintain data security and privacy.

Use Cases

Modernize legacy systems

Analytics and insights

Accelerate innovation with a competitive edge

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Improve patient experiences

Integrate applications and device data to deliver modern patient experiences

Personalize treatments

Gain a comprehensive picture of the patient with device data to provide tailored medical treatments for patients

Optimize patient care

Automate clinical processes and securely share data between providers to increase cost-effectiveness

See how SnapLogic is helping accelerate the healthcare industry’s transformation through faster integration.


Improve operational efficiency

Leverage data insights to improve the operational efficiencies of staff and hospitals

Strengthen engagement

Drive better real-time interactions with patients, clinicians, and providers for stronger patient engagement and satisfaction

Payments reconciliation

Improve billing and payment reporting to reconcile discrepancies and provide transparency to payers.

SnapLogic’s pre-configured snaps (connectors) such as Salesforce, Veeva, SAP, AWS Redshift and more, accelerate the migration of data and analytics to the cloud.


Innovate medical therapies

Connect various data sources to uncover new medical innovations and therapies

Create new revenue channels

Leverage patient data to build innovative products and expand in new markets such as insurance

Deliver value-based patient care

Transition to value-based care by securely integrating data within a HIPAA-compliant system and benchmarking patient health metrics

SnapLogic’s Intelligent Integration Platform offers the flexibility and speed that is critical to transforming valuable data into actionable insights for innovation and data-driven decision making. See how Magellan Health does it.

Connect applications such as Salesforce, Veeva, and SAP

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