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Higher Education

Drive student and staff success with enriched learning and administrative efficiencies

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Deliver a highly engaging, connected experience for students and faculty to improve student success, increase efficiency, and provide a seamless applicant-to-alumni journey. Easily connect applications without burdening IT staff and resources. 


Smaller IT budgets

Limited IT resources grapple with implementing and managing out-of-the-box applications; integrations have to be hand-coded and are time-consuming.

No single source of truth

Difficulty gleaning insights from across multiple on-prem and cloud-based applications and data resources to power better decisions.

Lack of skilled resources

Manual data entry and data correlation are common despite being tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone due to lack of skilled resources.

Use Cases

Trusted by Leading Colleges and Universities

Use case: Business Automation

Improve productivity and student experience by automating business processes to optimize end-to-end workflows such as application processing, tuition reconciliation, housing, etc. 


Improve student relationships

Provide visibility for academics, financials, and housing to better support students and ensure their success.


Automate data through various higher ed applications, to deliver integration projects faster with low cost, even with a small IT team.

Engage alumni

Gain a single view of alumni data to better connect, engage, and uncover funding opportunities.

SnapLogic’s Intelligent Integration Platform provides pre-configured Snaps such as Workday and an ability to connect to Banner, Canvas, Blackboard using REST, SOAP Snaps to accelerate business transformation by connecting applications and data landscape.

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Use case: Human Capital Management (HCM)

Integrate HCM’s various processes including managing student records, human resources, benefits, and payroll to improve efficiency and drive organizational success. 


Optimize administrative efficiency

Easily access data for managing students’ admissions, instructions, financials, and health to effectively serve students.

Increase student success

Better support student and faculty for success by creating a single view of students and their academic needs.

SnapLogic supports building integrations across systems such as Workday, Oracle Peoplesoft, NetSuite and many others with minimal-no code thus automating business processes with low-cost.

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Use case: Analytics and Insights

Leverage real-time insights from your data to improve budget decisions, innovate, and deliver a modern, seamless higher learning experience.  


Make data-driven decisions

Integrate legacy and modern applications to obtain accurate reporting for decision making regarding courses, students, and alumni.

Innovative your offerings

Unlock new educational offerings and ways to meet today’s student needs with data-driven insights.

Increase student engagement

Provide personalized, engaging learning experiences by understanding students’ responses and usage across products and services.

SnapLogic’s Ultra Pipelines offers analytics that enables personalized student engagements.

Connect applications such as Workday, Banner, Peoplesoft, NetSuite

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“Over the years, SnapLogic has helped us integrate data seamlessly from our current legacy systems with minimal effort and time, which helped us increase productivity, and propelled us to do more self-service.”

Tapan Parekh, Director, Data Analytics and Architecture at Kaplan Test Prep

Case Study

Making the faculty and academia even smarter at Boston University

BU selected SnapLogic to optimize the university’s application submission process for the Admissions and Financial Aid offices, and automate processes like research operations, class scheduling, building access, and others.

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Kaplan Test Prep – SnapLogic Integration Champions

Tapan Parekh, Director of Engineering and Architecture at Kaplan Test Prep, talks about how the company is undertaking their Big Data initiative to spur business innovation and growth.

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