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Hospitality & Restaurants

Drive rich customer experiences to increase engagement and loyalty

In a hyper-competitive market, hotels and restaurants must stay ahead of customer expectations to remain competitive. Only by having a 360 view of your customer and integrating your data and applications can you deliver experiences that delight and create loyalty. 


Complex hybrid systems

Challenging complex data and app landscape makes it difficult to get a single view of the customer.

Lack of customer insights

Siloed data means customers feel a break in the omnichannel, personalized experience — often sending them to your competitors.

High integration costs

Lack of integration specialists demands that integration be outsourced, making it difficult and costly to get the customer insights you need in real-time.

Use Cases

Trusted by Leading Restaurant and Hospitality Companies

Use case: 360-degree Customer Engagement

The faster you can understand your customer’s preferences and purchase behavior, the faster you can customize service and recommendations to them. Doing so requires connecting your legacy and cloud systems to create a 360 view of your customer in real-time. 


Improved customer experiences

Leverage real-time customer purchasing behavior to offer up-to-date products and offerings recommendations across multiple channels. 

Boost sales with insights

Improve revenue by making data-driven recommendations and incentives just when your customer needs them.

SnapLogic supports 500+ pre-built Snaps and an intuitive self-service platform that accelerates integration for data sources across multiple channels.

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Use case: Real-time Analytics and Insights

Leverage real-time customer insights and analytics to deliver optimal service.  


Personalized customer engagement

Leverage customer and product insights to give customers a truly personalized dining or travel experience.

Optimize inventory management

Track customer demand in real-time and efficiently manage their services and inventories accordingly.

Gain a competitive edge

Unlock new customer engagements and monetization/pricing opportunities with data-driven insights.

SnapLogic’s Ultra Pipelines offers the real-time speed for analytics that enables personalized customer engagements over brick and mortar and digital channels.

Use case: Modernize Legacy Systems

Modernize your business by easily integrating on-prem and cloud systems and automating processes for a streamlined, efficient customer and employee experience. 


Improved customer service

Integrate point-of-sales systems to customer service applications to more easily manage   orders, deliveries, reservations, and more.

Increase operational efficiency

Automate processes such as reservations, food tracking, and ordering, and outbound marketing to optimize operational costs.

SnapLogic’s cloud-based EDI solution supports various out-of-the-box Snaps and an easy-to-use self-service platform to integrate legacy applications (EDI) and speed modernization.

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Connect point of sale systems with applications such as Oracle Netsuite, SAP, Tableau

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Modernize and transform your approach to EDI and B2B integration

Learn about how you can perform self-service B2B integrations with the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform.

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SnapLogic for B2B Integration

SnapLogic for B2B Integration enables you to modernize your EDI systems and take an easy, drag-and-drop approach to B2B integration.

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