Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management

Achieve operational efficiency to drive lean and smarter manufacturing

Transform manufacturing with greater efficiency by simplifying complex data integrations and unlocking real-time insights.


Complex supplier ecosystem

Disconnected data and applications make it tough to optimize the supply chain.

Stale insights

Integrations take too long hindering the ability to derive rich insights from data in real-time.

High integration costs

Reliance on integration specialists or third parties increases development costs.

Use Cases

Quote to Cash

Modernize Legacy Systems

Real-time Analytics and Insights

Trusted by Leading Manufacturing and SCM Companies


Increased customer satisfaction

Integrate applications such as quote/order management, billing, and customer service to provide a frictionless customer experience

Optimize sales and cash flow

Gain larger deal sizes, shorter sales cycles, and higher lead conversion rates by automating end-to-end quote-to-cash systems

Increase sales rep productivity

Provide visibility to sales reps about product inventory, customer orders, and payments so that they can efficiently sell instead of manually tracking down data

SnapLogic offers an end-to-end B2B EDI integration using the EDI Snap, which integrates with cloud B2B gateway to offer effective trading partner management, out-of-the-box EDI document support, and more to ensure efficient supplier-customer management and accuracy in every step of the order cycle.


Improved customer service

Integrate back-end systems (ERP, CRM) to order processing systems leads to easier defect tracking, remediation, and faster resolution times and order fulfillment

Increase operational efficiency

Automate processes such as demand planning, sourcing, production, and sales forecasting to help optimize operational costs

SnapLogic’s Intelligent Integration Platform supports various out-of-the-box Snaps and an easy-to-use no code self-service platform to integrate legacy applications (EDI) with spend management suites such as Coupa, ERPs such as Netsuite, and analytics endpoints such as Tableau to speed modernization.


Low maintenance costs

Leverage sensor data and insights to proactively service IoT devices thereby reducing maintenance and repair costs

Gain a competitive edge

Use real-time insights about customers, suppliers, distributors, and third-party logistics providers to reduce order cycles and inventory costs, and unlock new monetization opportunities.

Strengthen product quality

Detect product issues quicker to respond effectively and improve product quality faster.

SnapLogic’s Ultra Pipelines offers the flexibility and speed that is critical to transforming the valuable data into actionable insights for innovation and data-driven decision making.

Connect applications such as Salesforce, SAP

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