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Deliver connected and personalized customer experiences with integrated analytics

Gain a 360 view of the customer by integrating your data and apps.


Disconnected multi-channel customer data

Siloed data and systems hinder a 360 view of the customer and prevent retailers from delivering true omnichannel experiences.

Lack of agility

Lack of integrations makes it impossible to be agile in real-time.

Difficult to build integrations

Complex retail systems such as point-of-sale, inventory management are challenging to integrate, making it impossible to derive data’s true value.

Lack of adequate business process automation

Without integrated systems and automation, retailers cannot deliver on today’s customer expectations.

Use Cases

360-degree customer engagement

Real-time analytics and insights

Streamlined business operations

Our Customers


Omnichannel retail experience

Delight customers by providing a rich personalized and frictionless purchasing experience across all channels (in-store, web, mobile).

Single source of truth for customer data

Store personnel and others are equipped with accurate customer 360 information to understand customers better so they can delight their customers with superior customer experience.

SnapLogic’s Intelligent Integration Platform supports 500+ out-of-the-box Snaps and an intuitive self-service platform that accelerates integration for data sources across multiple channels.


Personalized customer engagement

Leverage purchasing history and product insights to provide customers with recommended products and discounts driving engagement and lifetime value

Optimize inventory management

Retailers can track customer demand in real-time and efficiently manage inventory accordingly.

Gain a competitive edge

Unlock new customer engagements and monetization/pricing opportunities with data-driven insights.

SnapLogic’s Ultra Pipelines offers the real-time speed for analytics that enables personalized customer engagements over e-commerce and other channels.


Faster time to delivery

Quicker integrations with SnapLogic’s pre-configured Snaps to deliver customer insights.

Optimized growth engine

Managing brand reputation across multiple regions and channels to unlock growth opportunities.

Streamlined business orchestrations

Reduce operations and maintenance costs for inventory re-stocking, content management, email and digital marketing by end-to-end process automation.

Connect applications such as Salesforce, SAP

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