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Compliance needs and privacy concerns are the primary drivers for data governance in many organizations. Financial services, healthcare, defense, and even retail companies have realized that compliance is not something that can be overlooked. Data governance as a defensive strategy helps an organization meet regulatory needs, reduce risk, preserve brand reputation but as an offensive strategy helps an organization discover new revenue-generating services, improve operational efficiency, and help serve its customer better.

Automated data governance leverages data catalogs to discover sources of data, classify those sources into various types such as customer data, product data and apply appropriate corporate policies so that access is provided to individuals on a need to know basis without hampering organizational insights that come with data democratization. Those policies can then be enforced using various access control technologies such as Active Directory. And finally, the data and associated access are fed into the analytics stack so that the IT and security team can identify anomalies as well as opportunities and swiftly take corrective action.

Easily meet compliance needs, find more opportunities with automated data governance

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