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As large number of organizations have adopted a cloud-first strategy, and as new data sources are being set up in the cloud, many of them are still reliant on on-premises-based systems because of the complexity of data migration. While some organizations have to migrate data as part of their cloud journey, others have to routinely migrate/replicate data from distributed warehouses, factories, retail stores to a central hub for unified view and analytics. Regardless, the challenges around data migration hamper business agility and holistic insights.

SnapLogic platform is architected for the cloud with a browser-based tool that can easily straddle your hybrid architecture. With an integration runtime close to the data and bulk loading capability to databases and data warehouses, you can quickly migrate data from your on-premises based systems to a cloud data lake or cloud data warehouse. After the initial migration, you can also keep the destination system in sync with real-time or streaming data.

Migrate data to cloud with smarter automation

Data Migration Flow

Design Automated Data Workflows

Automate data workflows to accelerate your cloud migration, empower your analytics stack, and build a single source of truth

Data Warehouse Loading

Remove silos and accelerate data flows into cloud data warehouses

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Data Governance and Compliance

Meet your compliance requirements and go on offense with automated data governance

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Building the Automated Enterprise

Learn how intelligent automation connects your enterprise and unlocks the power of your applications and data.

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