A comprehensive guide to the enterprise integration cloud

11 key criteria for selecting an enterprise integration platform

A Perspective on the Enterprise Integration Cloud

The rise of the digital enterprise is reshaping the enterprise application and data landscape. Digital initiatives are expected to deliver annual growth and cost efficiencies of 5 to 10 percent or more in the next three to five years, yet the technology and talent barriers to transformation remain substantial.

Download this white paper to learn more about the 11 key criteria for selecting an enterprise integration platform.

  • Enables the cloudified, hybrid enterprise
  • Harmonizes integration across Apps, Data, and Things
  • Keeps pace with an increasing volume and variety of data
  • Provides a foundation for IT and business users to co-integrate
  • Ensures agile, no-code development
  • Facilitates collaborative development
  • Provides security and data governance
  • Maximizes reuse to minimize risk
  • Integrates with enterprise IaaS platforms
  • Scales up across old and new digital data flows
  • Applies analytics and predictive intelligence

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