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Automation Summit 2020 On-Demand

The Future is Enterprise Automation

Welcome to Automation Summit 2020 On-Demand!

You will hear from SnapLogic customers, executives, and industry experts about the future of the modern enterprise, as well as discuss industry trends, challenges, and best practices that you can leverage in your role. This event offers two tracks: The Product Track and the Vision Track. Enjoy!

Pioneers of Enterprise Automation

Opening Keynotes

Welcome & Keynote

Speakers: Dayle Hall & Gaurav Dhillon, SnapLogic

The Future of the Enterprise is Automation

Speakers: Michael Nixon & Craig Stewart, SnapLogic

Now, more than ever, the world and how we work is changing rapidly. From changing business models driven by digital transformation to changing workforce operations propelled by the global health crisis, all organizations must now adapt to new realities or risk failing. Attend this keynote to understand SnapLogic’s vision for enterprise automation and how to avoid the pitfalls with digital transformation.

Getting the most out of your Automation Investments

Speaker: Mark Settle, Author

Learn from Mark Settle, a seven-time CIO and two-time author on how CIOs and IT leaders can get the most out of automation investments by automating the enterprise. Settle authored his most recent book ‘Truth from the Valley, A Practical Primer on IT Management for the Next Decade.’

Two Tracks


Product Track

Learn from our product experts on:

  • SnapLogic architecture and its unique capabilities
  • How you can leverage SnapLogic API Management and why it’s important in automating your enterprise
  • How to automate your data warehouse with SnapLogic’s ETL/ELT capabilities

Vision Track

Hear from industry leaders on:

  • New and improved strategies for digital transformation
  • How to utilize SnapLogic intelligent iPaaS to make integration tasks easier
  • How to supercharge your data and analytics platforms

Enterprise Platform: Path to modernization 3 technical considerations to make when modernizing the enterprise

Speakers: Hema Rangaswamy, Illumina & Mark Gibbs, SnapLogic

As enterprises continue to embrace the cloud as a part of their digital transformation initiatives, understand why it is imperative now more than ever that you embrace a modern integration platform. In this session, explore technical considerations and approaches when kicking off a modernization initiative in your organization.

Accelerate your digital transformation projects with Enterprise Automation

Speakers: Jyotsna Sharma, T. Rowe Price & Craig Stewart, SnapLogic

Today’s unpredictable and uncertain world requires companies to embark on digital transformation journeys to reach customers, increase agility, boost productivity, and stay ahead of the competition. Legacy systems and approaches, however, hold companies back and delay digital transformation projects. In this session, you will learn how to modernize your data architecture with an intelligent integration fabric to speed up digital transformation initiatives.

Enabling faster business results through data automation

Speakers: Vishal Shah, Pitney Bowes & David Meleney, SnapLogic

As organizations experience data explosion across their operations, having data automations to move batch, real-time, and streaming data to your data warehouses is critical. In this session, you will learn how SnapLogic enables you to get a unified view of data to make timely business decisions.

Lean Teams Accelerating Results: Best practices for achieving a self-service data architecture

Speaker: Yuda Borochov, Quadpay & Karen He, SnapLogic

Data is the new oil and connecting the data across the organization remains a challenge for most companies. With data buried in pockets across the company, business stakeholders find it near impossible to make data-driven decisions. Join this session to learn how Quadpay accelerated in building their data platform with a lean team, and increased productivity with data automation and repeatable integrations workflows.

Boost collaboration and add massive business value using API management

Speakers: Juergen Stegmair, Texas Women University & Brad Drysdale, SnapLogic

A thriving API ecosystem, enabling secure access to functionality and data, within and outside your organization, across systems, modern and legacy, are critical to advancing your digital transformation agenda. Learn how SnapLogic’s API Management solution improves developer productivity, provides extensive traffic and access control, and enables API consumers to discover and consume APIs easily.

Supercharging Data and Analytics Platforms

Speaker: Venu Janga, AstraZeneca & Dhananjay Bapat, SnapLogic

To deliver on the promise of agile analytics and actionable insights, organizations are investing in and optimizing data warehouses and data lakes to make the most of their valuable asset, data. Learn how SnapLogic enables you to gain insights that move the business forward while reducing time-to-value and ongoing maintenance.

Customer Panel and Final Keynote

The Future is Enterprise Automation Panel Session

Panelists: Vishal Shah - Pitney Bowes & Brian Murphy - Aramark & Venu Janga - AstraZeneca & Jyotsna Sharma - T. Rowe Price.
Moderator: Michael Nixon

From developing the right business strategy and operationalizing on that strategy, enterprises rely on data. Yet, even with the cloud advances of today, data continues to be buried in departmental silos across the organization, preventing stakeholders from making business decisions with complete information. Attend this panel session to learn how customers have built their cloud data platforms to make data analytics a reality with SnapLogic Enterprise Automation.

The Future of NLP, Visual Programming, and Program Synthesis for Automation

Speaker: Greg Benson, Chief Scientist, SnapLogic

The confluence of advances in natural language processing, visual programming, and program synthesis is moving us closer to systems that can empower non-programmers to create sophisticated forms of automation and, at the same time, make technical users more efficient. This session will overview these research areas and the work we are doing at SnapLogic to advance the state of the art.

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