How to Avoid Data Lake Failures

Download this Gartner report to learn how to improve your data lake project success rate.

According to Gartner, many business and IT leaders are overestimating the effectiveness and usefulness of data lakes in (or as) their data and analytics strategies. Whether these leaders are looking for a ‘single source of truth,’ supporting broader digital business initiatives, or expecting their data lake infrastructure to scale indefinitely, they can avoid data lake failures by comparing their skills, expectations and infrastructure capabilities with the scenarios in this report.

Download this Gartner report, “How to Avoid Data Lake Failures,” and you will learn:

  • The top factors and scenarios contributing to data lake failures
  • Recommendations for overcoming each of these challenges
  • The difference between data lake implementation and a data and analytics strategy


*How to Avoid Data Lake Failures, Nick Heudecker, Adam Ronthal, 10 August 2018


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