Healthcare Real Estate Investment Trust Speeds Up Data Integration With SnapLogic

The diversified real estate investment trust (REIT) has over $20 billion of owned real estate. The company invests in healthcare real estate for life science, senior housing, and medical offices. They own more than 600 life science campuses, medical office buildings, and nursing homes. The real estate investment company is continuously committed to providing premium real estate to the dynamic healthcare industry.

The finance team had limited information that was readily available to them. That information lived in silos across many on-premises and cloud applications and data sources. The team resorted to creating visualization reports with gaps in their data to support the business decision-making process. After deploying a tool with limited integration capabilities, they only accessed a fraction of their data.

The team chose SnapLogic and gained the following benefits:

  • 15+ data sources integrated with Snowflake 
  • 20+ automated finance and analytics processes running in SnapLogic 
  • A lean team supporting multiple teams from different investment segments

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