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Watch this video to learn how to start using the SnapLogic Pipeline Patterns available in the SnapLogic Community.

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Hi! In this demo you will learn what the SnapLogic Patterns Catalog is and how you can benefit from using pipeline patterns.

The SnapLogic Patterns Catalog is a library of pipeline templates that can be downloaded into your SnapLogic org. These pre-built, reusable integration pipelines can be configured through a step-by-step wizard in the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud platform. With these ready-to use patterns, you can eliminate time spent building integration pipelines and focus your time on other tasks.

SnapLogic Community

You can access the SnapLogic Patterns Catalog via the SnapLogic Community. These patterns are contributed by the SnapLogic team, customers and partners, and are reviewed and certified by the SnapLogic team. Once you are logged in to the Community, you can open up the SnapLogic Patterns Catalog. You can search through hundreds of pipeline patterns that may meet your integration needs.

There are four main categories in the SnapLogic Patterns Catalog. ETL for moving large volumes of data, App Integration for connecting the apps you need, Data Warehousing for shifting your data in and out of your data warehouse. And finally, SnapLogic Specific Patterns for administrative efforts.

You can learn more about each pipeline pattern through the descriptions, tips and best practices on how to use the pattern. You will also view the sources, targets and Snaps used for each pipeline pattern. Once you select which pattern you want to use, you can download the pattern in SLP format directly to your machine.

SnapLogic EIC

You can then go to your SnapLogic org and import the pattern by clicking on the import icon on the top left. A configuration window will prompt you for the following information, such as in which project space you want to save this pattern.

Once the import is complete, you can start to configure and execute the pipeline with the step-by-step wizard.

You can re-use this pipeline whenever you need it since you have saved it onto your project space.

These pipeline patterns will help you reduce time spent building pipelines and instead focus your time on other, high-stakes projects.

Additionally, you can contribute back to other SnapLogic users by submitting patterns to the SnapLogic Patterns Catalog. To use or submit pipeline patterns, visit


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