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Hear for yourself why SnapLogic is a rewarding place to work, what the work environment is like, about our unique approach to engineering, and how working with us will benefit your career.

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SnapLogic is an energetic, innovative, collaborative place to work.

I just love the culture at SnapLogic, it’s very open, warm, friendly, a very welcoming culture.

Everyone is really open to listening to everyone’s ideas especially as someone who is a junior developer, new on the scene, I definitely feel like my voice is heard.

Why I really love this company is the values they have, the core values. It’s just not put up on the boards and the walls, it’s not like that. They really practice it on a day to day basis. The integrity, the innovation, and the intensity.

We take integrity very seriously where everyone is in the same boat, and we’re open to basically be together and solve a problem.

The best part of working for SnapLogic is the product! The product is awesome, the innovation is excellent, amazing CEO, great vision

We don’t shy away from challenges. We don’t shy away from issues that we see, we don’t turn our backs and just hide them. We actually bring them up and solve them together.

Coming from academia, creating something that people actually use, that affects their lives, maybe in their businesses, having real-world code out there, is very gratifying.

What differentiates them is the transparency. I don’t feel intimidated walking up to our CEO and having a conversation about anything.

But also, just the passion behind it. I think everyone here is really onboard with the product, and not every company in the Bay Area or the cloud-based industry has that passion.

When you walk into SnapLogic, in our departments, sales, marketing you know engineering, everyone, it’s women are in every department, and not just one person but we’re kind of leading the pack in some departments and I really love that.

Everyone here is so knowledgeable and so experienced not only on this product but also in general in this industry so there is so much to learn from so just the teamwork and working together and learning off of each other is my favorite aspect.

We don’t have proscribed views on how to solve problems, and so there is a lot of opportunity to influence how we create a particular feature, or design parts of the architecture so, we’re still at a size where you can come in and have a huge impact.

For a typical engineer you get the requirements from the PMs, you do design-develop but here it is not like that. You go beyond that. You either go to customer sites to find out what they wanted or how they are using or you hear more details from the field. Access to the field is something I didn’t have in earlier parts of my career.

SnapLogic hires excellent talent. We have very smart people here, talking to them helps you grow in your career. And the management team is very mature, very intelligent so if you have questions or you’re stuck they can help you, help you grow.

So I got started at snapLogic through a professor, he offered to create an internship here for me. After the internship, I went to University of California, San Diego for my masters and after a quarter there I realized that the growth and the rewarding experiences at SnapLogic was honestly better for my career than two years at masters.

This is the right place to be. Amazing technology, amazing people, management is very supportive . There is nothing that you cannot do here.

I would say go for it, you can’t lose.


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