Demystifying Data Integration with Live Q&A


Automation Hacks Every IT Professional Should Know

Webinar: August 17, 2022 at 10am AEST

Enterprises are creating billions of rows, articles, and pieces of data every minute! With so many applications and information sources creating data , organizations can become overwhelmed with ensuring data is managed and delivered to the right team at the right time. 

Enterprises must find a better way to access and analyze their data efficiently, to make better data-driven decisions, to help you win in the market.

Join Jeremiah Stone, Chief Technology Officer; David Wilmer, Principal Product Marketing Manager; together with James Campbell, Regional Manager of Australia & New Zealand on August 17th at 10:00am AEST for a live Q&A discussing:

  • Enterprises biggest challenge with data integration
  • Pros and cons of modern data integration methods
  • The organizational benefits of automation and API management
  • How Enterprise Automation helps you be more competitive
Featured Speakers
Jeremiah Stone

Chief Technology Officer at SnapLogic

Jeremiah Stone is the CTO at SnapLogic, where he leads product strategy and is responsible for guiding the development and future direction of the SnapLogic platform. Jeremiah is an experienced builder of advanced technology products that leverage the full power of AI to solve real business problems. Prior to joining SnapLogic, Jeremiah was the CTO at healthcare technology company Ontrak, and before that held senior leadership roles at GE and SAP. He is a graduate of the University of Colorado’s mathematics program.

David Wilmer

Principal Product Marketing Manager at SnapLogic

With over 20 years in the IT industry, David has a wide range of experience across a number of different industry verticals, including Telecom, Pharma, Retail, and Software. Across these different experiences, one thing has remained constant – his passion for data. Now, as he has shifted into a marketing-focused role, he has not lost sight of his technical background and believes now more than ever, in the importance of quality data to drive growth.

James Campbell

Regional Manager of Australia & New Zealand at SnapLogic

With nearly two decades of experience, James is a seasoned B2B tech leader with a strong track record of managing high-performance teams while consistently delivering against key business objectives. James thrives on helping customers derive immense value from SnapLogic technology.

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