“We left Informatica, now you can, too”

You can run a modern company on a mainframe. You can also ride a horse to the office. But would it really make sense to do this?

Aging technology cannot move fast enough to keep up with the speed of today’s business. 25 years ago, during Informatica’s heyday, application and data integration was a lot simpler. There were five databases that mattered, and they were all pretty similar. And there were just a few ERP systems: Oracle, SAP, and a young PeopleSoft. Today almost everything about that primordial technology landscape is different. We have the web, the Internet of Things, the cloud, big data, NoSQL databases, and best of breed application strategies that are actually viable. 

Does it make sense to still run your business on Informatica? Modern business challenges require a new approach.

Join the conversation as our distinguished panel discusses the key business reasons and technology factors driving modern enterprises to embrace data integration built for the cloud. They will also cover:

  • The evolution of data integration – from the pre-internet, mainframe days of Informatica – to today’s modern cloud solutions
  • How they have re-invented application and data integration in the cloud
  • The changing role of IT – from “helicopter” to enabler
  • The cost to modern enterprises of inaction
  • Why sticking to the status quo is not an option

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David S. Linthicum is an independent analyst with the Cloud Technology Partners. He will provide and moderate an un-biased discussion on the business reasons why modern enterprises are embracing data integration for the cloud.

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