Live Demo Series

Accelerate Workday Application Integration


Accelerate Workday Application Integration

Welcome to the SnapLogic Live Demo Series, a monthly webinar showcasing SnapLogic’s industry leading Enterprise Integration Cloud. We are the global leader in self-service integration and our Enterprise Integration Cloud makes it fast and easy to connect applications, data, and devices without any coding what’s so ever. Our 400+ Snaps connects everything from Salesforce, ServiceNow, Workday to AWS Redshift, Zuora and more. Whether you need real-time data or app integration, business process automation, better business analytics or big data integration, SnapLogic delivers an enterprise integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) that connects all of your cloud applications, APIs and disparate data sources with the rest of the enterprise.

This demo will focus on a deep dive into cloud application integration – specifically how SnapLogic accelerates the integration of Workday applications into modern enterprise environments.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Accelerate the integration of Workday applications
  • Connect an application to a database in minutes
  • Get a birds eye view on the Industry’s first AI-Powered Integration technology to jumpstart CRM, HR, and Cloud Data Warehousing
  • Overview of iPaaS and SnapLogic

Attend this demo to learn why hundreds of customers across the Global 2000 – rely on SnapLogic to automate business processes, accelerate analytics, and drive digital transformation.

Featured Speakers
Ohad Yehudai

Senior Solutions Engineer at SnapLogic

Ohad Yehudai brings with him two decades of experience in technology and software working with a multitude of platforms across many industries. He spent many years involved in hands-on software development and architecture and more recently in strategic enterprise software sales as a solutions engineer focusing on the integration space and has been with SnapLogic for a year and a half.

Ohad lives on Long Island, in the New York area and has three children. He loves to spend time with his children in many indoor and outdoor activities. Some of his favorite hobbies include playing guitar, listening to music, reading, snowboarding, hiking and kayaking. He has a passion for travel, including adventurous exotic locations and encountering different cultures, their food, history and architecture.

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