Supercharge your cloud data warehousing

7 ways to achieve 10x improvement in speed and ease of Redshift integration

Cloud data warehousing is growing 4.5 times faster than on-premises data warehousing. Thus, there’s also big demand for data integration that’s aligned with the cloud. Fueling the growth is insatiable demand for analyses against new data sources, both on-premises and in the cloud. Mobile, social, geospatial and big data sources are driving up data volumes as well as interest in cutting-edge business insights. At the same time, business users are demanding hands-on access to data and analysis capabilities.

Watch this recorded webcast: Supercharge Your Cloud Data Warehousing. This webcast will explore how enterprises can integrate vast volumes of data from myriad sources into cloud environments in a fast, easy and cost-effective manner. Watch now and you’ll learn from these three experts:

  • Doug Henschen, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, will share three strategic imperatives for cloud data warehousing initiatives. He’ll add advice on cloud capacity planning and best practices on choosing subscription terms.
  • Greg Khairallah, Senior Manager, Data and Analytics, Amazon Web Services, will discuss why Redshift has grown to dominate the cloud data warehousing market, and how the new Amazon Redshift Spectrum allows you to process your data as-is, where-is, while taking advantage of the power and flexibility of Amazon Redshift. Greg will also share case studies about how Redshift has enabled enterprises to effectively analyze large amounts of data using existing business intelligence tools.
  • Craig Stewart, Vice President Product Management, SnapLogic, Inc., will present the seven ways organizations can gain a 10X improvement in the speed and ease of data integration for Redshift deployments. He’ll also explore similar efficiencies with other cloud services and platforms.

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