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On the tail-end of the customer lifecycle management process, customer off-boarding pertains to the proactive assessment and removal of dormant and closed customer accounts from processes that expect active customers. Besides not being a source of revenue for organizations, improper maintenance of inactive customers not only wastes time and energy, it may have cost implications, as well. Costs may be in the form of operational processes, staff, and technologies that can be directly allocated to the maintenance of improperly classified customers.

After a certain set period of inactivity, customer or client off-boarding flows facilitate the review of customer information to ensure inactive status is the correct course of action, before taking action. This step in the offboarding flow may kick-off “final communications”, as a last ditch effort to preserve a customer. Otherwise, once flagged as inactive, and following retention compliance policies, the offboarding flow removes necessary data and documents from active systems and processes to archival locations.

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