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A critical business flow that is the lifeblood of nearly all organizations, Order-to-Cash (O2C) represents a set of business processes that span quoting, receiving, and fulfilling customer requests for products or services. The O2C business flow is the finance side of customer sales. It is in the interest of all companies, whether for-profit or nonprofit, across every industry and vertical, to expeditiously process payments for products or services rendered.

A disruption to the O2C business flow means a delay in collecting much needed revenue, which may adversely impact the working capital for companies to operate. Automating the O2C business flow reduces risks associated with human delay and errors, speeds delivery of transaction-supporting documents to necessary parties, activates order fulfillment and delivery, and drives payment collection and processing. Along with other business flows such as credit application and management, Order-to-Cash is typically a sub-component of a broader Quote-to-Cash business process.

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