SnapLogic Administrator Certification

SnapLogic Administration Certification

To become a certified SnapLogic Administrator, the SnapLogic Administration Certification is aimed at testing your expertise on supporting the administrative-level tasks for your SnapLogic instance. You will be tested on the various administrative level tasks that you will have to perform as a SnapLogic administrator.

To prepare for the certification, you will have to finish all courses outlined in the Certification Training Path below.

Certification path

Step 1: Content

Before taking the certification exam, you must complete the following courses and videos:

  1. SnapLogic Administrator Training
  2. Groundplex Installation and Configuration
  3. Configuring Single Sign On (SSO) in SnapLogic
  4. Configuring Enhanced Account Encryption

To be recognized as completed for certification, all of the required courses and videos must be completed within one year of the certification exam date.

Step 2: Certification Exam

The Certification exam will contain a set of multiple choice questions that assess your understanding of various administrative level functionalities of a SnapLogic instance.

The results are displayed immediately after you complete the assessment.

Note: SnapLogic certification is available to existing SnapLogic customers and partners. Independent developers are not currently eligible. 

For more information, please contact your SnapLogic Account Manager


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SnapLogic Administrators

LMS Access Duration

4 weeks (to complete Content) and 1 week (for Assessment)

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