Snap Development Training

Snap Development Training

SnapLogic provides SDK and the Maven Plugin to support custom Snap development. The Snap Development Training course provides a structured walkthrough of the SDK and demonstrates the development process to implement different parts of the Snap functionality.

Developer Training Course details:

  1. Introduction to Snap Development – Learn how to create custom Snaps, about the development environment setup and internal working of Snaps and Snaplexes, and understand the various stages that a Snap undergoes during runtime.
  2. Getting started with Snap Development – Learn how to: import the Snap Maven Archetype to create a project, and about the interfaces and base classes that can be used for Snap Development.
  3. Packaging and Deploying Snap Packs – Learn how to: set up the environment and configurations required to package and deploy Snaps, package Snap class files as Snap Packs, and deploy a Snap Pack to SnapLogic.
  4. Creating Snap UI – Learn how to build a Snap User Interface, including elements in the settings, views, and info tabs.
  5. Suggesting inputs and populating schema – Learn how to: write code to suggest inputs for fields in the Snap UI, and populate input and target schemas.
  6. Validating inputs and processing data – Learn how to: use the inputs specified by the user and the incoming data from the upstream Snaps to write the processing logic, and send data to the subsequent downstream Snaps via the Output and Error views.
  7. Creating and using accounts – Learn how to associate account classes to Snaps and use these accounts from the Snap classes.

For more information on this training, please contact your SnapLogic Account Manager.

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Virtual instructor-led

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4 Weeks

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