Administrator Training

SnapLogic Administrator Training

The SnapLogic Administrator Training course covers the basic administrative tasks for your SnapLogic instance that you will have to perform as a SnapLogic administrator.

Administrator Training course details:

The course contains six lessons:

  1. Introduction to SnapLogic: Learn about SnapLogic’s architecture, key terms and concepts, and the functionality of the SnapLogic interfaces, i.e., the Designer, the Manager, and the Dashboard.
  2. Snaplex Installation Configuration and Management: Learn about different types of Snaplexes and how to create, update, configure, and move a Groundplex.
  3. Managing Users and Groups: Master how to create users and groups in SnapLogic, learn about different user groups, update user information, and reset user passwords.
  4. Managing the SnapLogic Instance via the Manager: Learn how to manage and monitor the SnapLogic instance from the Manager Interface. Also, you get an overview on the Manager interface, key user roles, and different organizational settings available to an administrator in SnapLogic.
  5. Monitoring a SnapLogic Instance via the Dashboard: Learn how to monitor your SnapLogic instance from the Dashboard pane and how to monitor pipeline and Snaplex health in SnapLogic.
  6. SnapLogic Security: Learn about SnapLogic’s multifaceted approach to security and get acquainted with SnapLogic security practices, security certifications, and other security features.

For more information on this Administrator Training course, please contact your SnapLogic Account Manager.

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