SnapLogic Integrator Library

SnapLogic Integrator Library

The SnapLogic E-Learning Library contains courses and videos designed to get you up to speed with the SnapLogic solution within a short time, helping you make the most out of the SnapLogic Enterprise Cloud platform and improve the efficiency of your integrations.

The materials – created with inputs from more than various SnapLogic experts – provide a great starting point and can help you continue your SnapLogic education. One can start with SnapLogic Beginner Training to get the basics and then explore more advanced materials.

Designed with best practices in mind, our materials help expedite your enablement process with examples of how to implement solutions for common integration endpoints, e.g., Salesforce and Workday, and how to troubleshoot common integration errors.

SnapLogic Integrator E-Learning Library details:

You get one-year access to the following courses and videos:

  1. SnapLogic Beginner Training
  2. Creating and Managing Ultra Tasks
  3. Migrating Pipelines and Projects from one Org to another using SnapLogic Metadata Snaps
  4. User Assistance Videos for the most commonly used endpoints (50+ Videos | 15+ Endpoints | 10 hours of learning). Endpoints for which we currently have videos for include:
    • Anaplan
    • Workday
    • SOAP
    • JDBC
    • REST
    • S3
    • Redshift
    • JMS
    • SAP
    • ServiceNow
    • Oracle
    • Salesforce
    • SQL Server
    • NetSuite

We will continue to add additional resources to this library on a regular basis.

For more information on this course, please contact your SnapLogic Account Manager.

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