Copybook is a source code that can be copied or included into other programs.

Key Features of the Copybook Snap

The Copybook Snap will consume one or more COBOL Copybook templates and a data source, and produce a JSON formatted message containing the structured payload. It supports the following:

  • Copybooks containing multiple 01 records, and payload containing multiple record types
  • Payload that is fixed length, CRLF delimited, LF delimited, continuous stream (no delimiter), or mainframe variable record length file (4-byte length field).
  • Big Endian or Little Endian payload
  • All standard COBOL types including packed and zoned decimal
  • COBOL array constructs such as occurs and occurs depending on
  • COBOL Redefines
  • Payload encoded in EBCDIC (or any encoding supported by Java)

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