EDI Snap Pack

The EDI Snap Pack lets you communicate and exchange information with trading partners.

B2B Integration allows organizations to have seamless business processes while communicating or exchanging information with trading partners or external parties (suppliers, partners, customers).

SnapLogic B2B Integration automates key business processes with external partners in the cloud and creates a standard method for communicating and exchanging information about business activities with trading partners. Using the EDI Snap Pack, you can easily send files across multiple backend systems and multiple trading partners in the cloud. The EDI Snap Pack supports standard information formats and protocols, including X12, EDIFACT, HL7, RosettaNet, SWIFT, and more.

SnapLogic B2B Integration is offered through the SnapLogic EDI Snap Pack which includes:

  • EDI Create Transaction
  • EDI Get Transaction

This pipeline shows how you can receive purchase orders from trading partners and upload them into your organization’s preferred ERP system for further processing.

EDI Snap Pack Application IntegrationLearn more about the EDI Snap Pack in the blog post, “SnapLogic November 2018 Release: Revolutionize your business with intelligent integration.”

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