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The Google Analytics Snap collects data from your Google Analytics account and converts it into SnapLogic record-oriented data that you can bring into your own analysis and decision-making applications. Gather and manipulate all the metrics and attributes collected by Google Analytics to gauge the success of your web site and ad campaigns.

Use the Google Analytics Snap to harness the power in the masses of data collected by Google Analytics about your Web site usage, and make that data easy to analyze and integrate into your corporate decision making. Easily access valuable metrics to understand visitors’ usage and search patterns of your Web site, gauge the success of your ad campaigns, evaluate referring web sites, and track your eCommerce activity.

The Google Analytics Snap reads data from your Google Analytics account and facilitates its integration in your own systems for analysis and decision-making.

This Snap collects data about Web site traffic: which of your site pages receives the most views and longest visits. If you also use Google AdWords and the two accounts are linked, this Snap collects data about your ad campaigns as well. The campaign tracking includes visits, unique page views, time spent on each page, ad costs, and many other metrics—aggregated by campaign keyword.

The Snap collects data about site referrals, so you can gauge which sites are most effective in bringing interested visitors to your web site. The data collected includes metrics such as aggregated visits, unique page views, and time spent on page—segmented by the referring path that brought the visitors from the referring sites.

If you have an eCommerce site and track it to monitor the activities, this Snap easily retrieves all the transaction details by each transaction ID, including transaction revenue, shipping costs, and taxes.

Retrieves all data available through your Google Analytics account

Collects information about Web site visits and visitors, such as:

  • Bounces (single-page visits)
  • Entrances and exits, landing page and exit page paths
  • New visits
  • Page views
  • Time on page and time on site
  • Visitor’s system information
  • Visitor geography
  • Days since last visit

Collects information about ad campaigns, such as:

  • Clicks on ads to reach your site
  • Derived costs of campaign
  • Campaign content (1st line of text or mad libs matched), keywords, and their ad groups
  • Campaign slot and position

Collects information about your eCommerce transactions, such as:

  • Product name, SKU, and category
  • Item revenue
  • Item quantity
  • Transactions
  • Transaction revenues
  • Transaction shipping costs
  • Trans taxes
  • Unique purchases

Collects information about the use of your Web site’s internal search, such as:

  • Search depth (subsequent page views after using your internal search feature)
  • Search duration
  • Exits following a search result
  • Refinements
  • Visits
  • Collects many other fields of information not listed in this highlights section; read full Snap documentation for a comprehensive listing

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