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Key Features

Read and write data from XML sources. This Snap supports a variety of XML sources, and can be used on both local files and remote resources accessed from HTTP or FTP servers.

Integrate the valuable data from XML files with your corporate decision-making applications.

The XML Read/Write Snap supports read and write capabilities on XML files. The source, specified by the filename property, can be a document located on the file system or it can be obtained through ftp or http protocols.

  • This Snap reads data from and writes to XML sources
  • Inputs can be local files or obtained through ftp or http protocols.
  • The XML Read snap is well suited for retrieving data from applications which have REST or XML query interfaces
  • Support for file output, or XML generation within a pipeline
  • Easy XML generation for some common formats using predefined templates
  • Ability to use custom templates for complex XML generation requirements
  • The component allows you to specify an XPath root within the document, and subexpressions which are used to parse out field values for the resultant row data
  • The number of subexpressions must correspond to the number of fields in the output you define. If the subexpression matches more than one element, they are concatenated together to create a single output field value
  • A null value is output for fields that correspond to empty XML tags

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