Microsoft Azure and Cortana Intelligence Integration

Microsoft Azure and Cortana Intelligence Integration

Microsoft Cortana Analytics, part of the Azure platform, is a fully managed big data and advanced analytics suite that enables customers to transform data into intelligent action. The SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud enables Cortana and Azure customers to get to business insights faster by providing self-service data ingestion, preparation and delivery from virtually any source.

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A critical part of cloud analytics is connecting data sources, no matter where they exist within the enterprise, with big data stores and analytic tools without the overhead of manual scripting or provisioning of compute resources. The SnapLogic platform enables Microsoft customers to connect:

  • anything – applications, APIs, data
  • anytime – batch, streaming, real-time
  • anywhere – on premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment

Amazon Redshift Integration

The SnapLogic data integration platform for Microsoft lets customers connect data to HDInsight and the rest of the Cortana Intelligence Suite quickly and without coding, delivering a powerful platform for predictive analytics and machine learning in the cloud.

Integrated Solutions

SnapLogic provides fast, self-service data connectivity to and from Cortana Intelligence and Azure data services. Points of integration include:

  • Pre-built intelligent connectors – called Snaps – for Cortana solutions, including:
    • Microsoft Azure Data Lake Store
    • Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse
    • Microsoft Azure SQL Database
    • Microsoft Azure Blob Storage
  • SnapLogic’s hybrid execution framework – called a Snaplex – can be deployed on Microsoft Azure resources and within Azure HDInsight for fast, scalable big data analytics.
  • More than 400 Snaps for data sources to connect to Azure, including cloud-based applications, on-premises applications such as ERP and CRM, big data sources, business intelligence tools, data visualization and more

Azure Data Lake Store, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure SQL Database and Azure Blob Storage

SnapLogic enables customers to quickly transfer up to petabytes of data into and out of Microsoft Azure Data Lake Store, SQL Data Warehouse, Azure SQL Database and Azure Blob. The data can be moved at any latency (scheduled batch, event-driven and continuous streaming) to meet a diverse set of business requirements.

Amazon Redshift Integration

"SnapLogic delivers a way for customers of both companies to connect all their data sources to the cloud so they get faster time to value and a more comprehensive way to transform data into intelligent action."
Lance Olson, Partner Director of Program Management for Cortana Analytics, Microsoft


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