On-Premise Cloud Based ERP (SAP, Oracle, Dynamics AX)

Unlock more value from your on-premise ERP (enterprise resource planning) application, database and big data investments by seamlessly integrating with cloud and other packaged business applications, including CRM and HRMS, and other disparate data sources.

Whether you’re running SAP, Oracle EBS or Microsoft Dynamics AX, with the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud you can connect your cloud applications, databases and social data sources with legacy on-premise applications in a Snap.

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On-Premise Integration

Your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system handles a variety of critical business processes and data that includes accounts, billing, inventory, procurement and shipping. While customer relationship management (CRM) and human resources management systems (HRMS) are rapidly moving to the cloud, for many organizations, your highly sensitive on-premise ERP systems continue to be housed in data centers. This hybrid enterprise IT reality exacerbates the data silo challenge if cloud integration is not at the heart of your cloud computing strategy. The SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud unlocks the value of your on-premise ERP investments by automating cross application processes in order to improve business efficiency, streamline operations and minimize errors that can result from manual steps.

SnapLogic Integration

Here’s a common use case:

  • Automate your order-to-cash process when sales reps create a purchase order in a CRM system such as Salesforce.com.
  • Transform and deliver the purchase order in the SnapLogic Integration Cloud so that it is in a format acceptable to the Oracle E-Business Suite ERP, SAP ERP or Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP for accounting purposes.
  • After the on-premise ERP accounting module has successfully processed the purchase order, the shipping module is notified to schedule product delivery.

On-Premise Integration

SnapLogic allows you to automate your order to cash value chain by automating a business process spanning multiple business applications. With SnapLogic, processes and data are streamed between applications via the Snaplex. The industry’s first self-upgrading execution network, the Snaplex dynamically manages integration capacity planning both on-premise (SAP ERP, Microsoft Dynamics AX, etc.) and in the cloud (NetSuite, Concur, etc.), and is built to handle business processes across applications. SnapLogic’s ability to guarantee delivery of messages even to applications that don’t support transactions, such as SaaS applications, makes it ideally suited for mission-critical business process integration scenarios such as order-to-cash.

On-Premise Integration
Connect your cloud and on-premises apps, databases and files in a single SnapLogic pipeline.


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