ServiceNow Integration

Unlock your ServiceNow potential by integrating it with major ITSM Cloud and on-premise applications including BMC Remedy, CA Clarity, SAP SolutionManager, and Workday. SnapLogic’s ServiceNow integration will greatly improve efficiency and quality of IT service management.

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ServiceNow Integration

IT service management (ITSM) operations have historically been inefficient because of manual data entry, spreadsheet based data management or custom-coded process flows. In order to increase organizational efficiency and agility, as well as to lower operational costs, companies are increasingly streamlining operations via cloud-based ITSM solutions. These newly implemented cloud ITSM systems end up creating additional process silos if not properly integrated with existing legacy, on-premise, and cloud applications. An extensible and scalable strategy to integrate all these investments into a single cohesive operating solution will help enterprises achieve the goals of increased organizational agility and efficiency along with decreased operational costs.

SnapLogic for ServiceNow Integration

SnapLogic delivers the only Enterprise Integration solution in the market today that is purpose-built for Cloud integrations. More and more companies are demanding the agile IT that SaaS and cloud applications afford. Traditional custom coded, ESB or ETL based integration approaches are now regarded as the weakest link in delivering agility. SnapLogic delivers on:

  • Elastic integration for unlimited scalability
  • Configuration based integrations with through a visual designer providing a simple drag, drop, and configure development experience
  • 300+ pre-built Snaps, which are intelligent connectors for major Cloud and on-premise applications connectors including ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, CA Clarity, SAP SolutionManager, and Workday
  • Subscription based pricing to match your operational budget
  • 10x faster implementations than with custom coding
  • 6x lower TCO with shorter implementation times and lower maintenance costs

ServiceNow Integration Benefits

Many customers have leveraged SnapLogic’s ServiceNow Integration to

  • Improve implementation quality by visually reviewing process flows as they are being built
  • Increase agility by allowing the process owner to manage integrations
  • Reduce solution implementation times by utilizing pre-built intelligent connectors and creating visual representations of processes such as alert to trouble ticket, and creating on-boarding flows
  • Lower the cost of operations and improve data accuracy by eliminating manual re-keying and updating information transactionally

ServiceNow Integration
Connect your cloud and on-premises apps, databases and files in a single SnapLogic pipeline.

"SnapLogic brings a standardized approach to integration that makes our consultants more efficient when scoping and building solutions between ServiceNow and key tools throughout an enterprise. This partnership allows us to deliver more value to our existing clients and increase the efficiency of our skilled integration consultants. In addition, the SnapLogic open development environment lets us package up our existing integration code into Snaps and pipelines for significantly faster delivery."
Patrick Stonelake, Director of Innovations and Co-founder, Fruition Partners


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