SnapLogic Elastic Integration Training Webinars

Register for our online sessions featuring interactive ask-the-experts trainings designed for SnapLogic customers and partners. Recordings of past TechTalks can be found below. You can also learn more in our Training Videos, on our Resources page or by joining our Developer Community (customer login required).

Scheduled TechTalks

Scheduled TechTalks

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You can also take a look at previously recorded TechTalks below, or visit our Developer Community to talk to other SnapLogic customers.

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SnapLogic Best Practices: Task Execute

This week’s TechTalk focuses on Task Execute including what it is, how it lets you execute predefined triggered tasks, features and how it is similar to the ForEach Snap.

SnapLogic Best Practices: Java Database Connectivity

This week’s TechTalk focuses on JDBC including when and why to use, creating and using JDBC accounts, some pipeline examples and a list of JDBC sources.

SnapLogic Best Practices: Event Driven Pipelines

This week’s TechTalk focuses on event driven pipelines including pipeline parameters and end parameters, as well as creating a triggered pipeline via Tasks.

SnapLogic Best Practices: Sub Pipelines and Guaranteed Delivery

This week’s TechTalk focuses on sub pipelines and guaranteed delivery including creating and using nested or sub piplines, as well as how the ForEach Snap is used and how it’s different from the Task Execute Snap.

SnapLogic Best Practices: Data Transformations and Mappings

This week’s TechTalk focuses on data transformations and mappings including mapping expressions, manipulating data, JSON path examples and aggregate and scripting transformations.

SnapLogic Best Practices: Using the SOAP Snap

This week’s TechTalk focuses on how to use the SOAP Snap including the functionality that it covers, configuring the Snap and a pipeline example.

SnapLogic Best Practices: Scaling Your Integrations

This TechTalk focuses on scaling integrations with two basic approaches, and provides recommendations on using Child Pipelines when the work you want to parallelize is computer heavy, and using a Splitter and Join Snap when the work is computationally light.

SnapLogic Best Practices: SnapReduce 2.0

This TechTalk focuses on how SnapReduce 2.0 allows the SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform to take advantage of YARN by running natively on a Hadoop cluster and elastically scaling out, making it easier to acquire, prepare and deliver big data.

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